Low back pain predicted to increase in coming years… So how can chiropractic help?


What does the latest research say?


There has been a recent landmark paper published in The Lancet journal (1), which has identified some important predictions for the future impact of low back pain. This insight will highlight these findings and discuss how chiropractors can help to address this important issue.


The study looked at health data from 1980 to 2019 from 204 different countries. They found that today, 619 million people are affected by low back pain, meaning it is still the largest cause of disability. But more concerningly, due to an aging and growing population, they estimated that this will grow to 843 million people by the year 2050!


What does this mean?


With more people experiencing low back pain than ever before, it will become increasingly harder to access the best care. This means longer wait times, and less time spent with your practitioner. Figure 1 shows how this can create a vicious cycle of low back pain. If you’re stuck in pain and can’t get treatment, you’ll have more time off work and naturally decrease the amount of activity you do. Pain can also be a scary experience, creating increased stress, anxiety, and ultimately more pain and disability.


Figure 1. The low back pain cycle


How can chiropractic help?


At DMC Health & Wellness, our role is to help people suffering from low back pain. Our primary goals are to reduce pain, improve mobility and empower people towards a more active lifestyle. If you’ve experienced low back pain before, you’ll know how concerning it can be, especially if it’s stopping you from doing your normal activities!


While the impact of low back pain on people’s lives can be significant, there are several options for people to help reduce their pain. At DMC health & Wellness, we aim to address the growing impact of low back pain by:

  • Facilitating community engagement and pain education through injury screenings, health talks, and our Community Chronic Pain Program, which is supported by the Sydney North Health Network.
  • Providing gentle, safe, and effective treatment to reduce your pain and get you back doing the things you want to do, sooner.
  • Listening to your low back pain history and formulate a plan specific to you, to better manage your symptoms into the future.
  • Guiding and empowering you to live a healthier and more active lifestyle, which in turn, will prevent future episodes.
  • Collaborating with other local allied health and medical professionals to ensure you receive the most appropriate care for your back pain.
  • Supporting the future of the profession through teaching chiropractic students, and contributing to the advancement of scientific evidence for low back pain through our own research.


Get in touch with the clinic today to find out how chiropractic treatment can help you and your low back pain. If you or someone you know is suffering from low back pain, the team at DMC Health & Wellness are here for you.


About the Authors


David-ChiroDavid McNaughton is a clinician, researcher and lecturer. He is the director and principal chiropractor at DMC Health & Wellness. He has an extensive background in the diagnosis and management of chronic pain. In addition to his clinical studies, David holds a Master’s of Research and PhD in Psychology. He regularly publishes his research in peer reviewed medical and psychology journals. David has taught both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Chiropractic and Psychology.



Isaac Searant completed a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science, Master of Chiropractic and Master of Research at Macquarie University. His research aims to understand the clinical decisions health practitioners make about diagnostic imaging. His clinical interests include spinal pain (neck and back) and sporting injuries. Regardless of the condition, his goal as a chiropractor is to work collaboratively with patients.



  1. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanrhe/article/PIIS2665-9913(23)00098-X/fulltext#%20



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