Chiropractic Treatment For Knee Pain

Knee pain causes & treatments

Some of the major causes of knee pain and how we treat them at our Chatswood chiropractic clinic.

Anterior knee pain

Pain located at the front of the knee is generally termed Anterior Knee Pain. These injuries can be caused by irritation to a number of structures in and around the knee joint. Examples of such in Patellar Femoral Tracking Syndrome, Plica syndrome, Patellar cartilage inflammation or patellar tendinopathy. These injuries may be brought on by a fall or knock to the knee, however they are more commonly due to sudden change in activity levels, leading to a overloading on the tissue integrity.

Treatment at the clinic addresses the inflammation and irritation at the knee, strengthens the surrounding muscles and alters any biomechanics at the hip and ankle which may be adversely impacting on knee function.

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Meniscus and degenerative tears

The meniscus provides important stability and absorption of force in the knee joint. Over time or due to twisting injuries, they may become irritated and even tear. This may lead to pain, swelling, catching and/or locking of the knee. Research has shown conservative care such as chiropractic and exercise therapy beneficial for these cases, when compared to surgery or cortisone injections. It is important that adequate physical therapy is exhausted, prior to surgery.

Treatment at the clinic may provide this non-surgical alternative to getting you back functioning from meniscus injuries.

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As we age, our bones wrinkle just like our skin. This process is called arthritis and a common place this occurs is in the knee.

Treatment at the clinic can provide pain relief, increase mobility and strengthen the knee for injuries related to osteoarthritis. This is a drug- and surgical-free alternative.

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As a chiropractor, David has a special interest in knee pain and chronic neck, lower back and shoulder complaints. Treatments are tailored to you.

Whether through postural correction, strengthening muscles or improving co-ordination, these treatments restore confidence in your body and empower you towards a more active lifestyle.

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