Chiropractic Treatment For Neck Pain

Neck pain causes & treatments

Some of the major causes of neck pain and how we treat them at our Chatswood chiropractic clinic.

Facet Joint Sprain

The spinal column is made up of a number of spinal vertebrae. Their main attachment point is through a portion of the bone call the facet joints. These joints are surrounded by ligaments and have fluid within to allow for smooth movement of the spine. Like any joint in the body they can become irritated and inflamed due to an injury, such as a fall or sustained microtrauma from poor posture. This causes the joints to become stiff and the muscles surrounding to spasm, leading to pain.

Treatment at the clinic identifies which joints are affected, reduces the inflammation and restores the mobility back into the spine.

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Muscular Pain and Postural Dysfunction

There are a number of muscles that surround the spinal column, which are important for both posture and movement. Like any muscle in the body, if overworked or under sustained tension, they can become irritated leading to inflammation, spasm and pain. This is especially relevant in the upper back and neck regions, where prolonged sitting and computer use can lead to pain and dysfunction.

Treatment at the clinic reduces the underlying tension and strengthens the neck and shoulders to reduce the likelihood of these muscles becoming injured in the future.

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Radiculopathy or ‘Nerve Entrapment’

Radiculopathy refers to the irritation of the nerve roots as they exit the spine. This could be due to a number of reasons, however most commonly due to osteoarthritic changes. This may lead to pain and stiffness in the neck, as well as paraesthesia and/or weakness down the arms.

It is important to assess the integrity of the nerve and treat appropriately. Chiropractic care has shown to reduce irritation on the nerve, strengthen the spine and support activities of daily living in people with radiculopathy.

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David T. McNaughton
BSc. Chiro | M.Chiro | M.Res

PhD Candidate, Department of Psychology, Macquarie University

Chiropractic Academy of Research Leadership (CARL) Fellow

As a chiropractor, David has a special interest in neck pain and chronic lower back and shoulder complaints. Treatments are tailored to you.

Whether through postural correction, strengthening muscles or improving co-ordination, these treatments restore confidence in your body and empower you towards a more active lifestyle.

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